We are a software services company specializing in high quality development for the larger web

We have a lot of experience doing quality remediation on WordPress websites

We build custom applications from start-up to enterprise scale in achievable increments with scalable architectures

Activity at the Accordare bird feeder this week ….

Watch two blue jays, a sparrow, a starling, and a mourning dove enjoy our birdfeeder!


Accordare's new product, StayConnected makes it easy to keep in touch with senior relatives.  Our automatic-answering video tablets provide easy, constant communication with your loved ones.

We’re expert at connecting you to your business partners, customers, clients and suppliers, with high performance systems, and engaging interfaces.  We consult on performance and architecture, and we build and sell systems and products in a variety of vertical markets.  We have experience with servers around the world, including Australia, the UK, and China.

If your issue involves a database (from the mobile to the enterprise scale), big data or predictive analytics, systems or device integration, cloud-based assets or services, global-scale web interfaces or out-of-the box creations that just need a bit of tweaking, you’re in our sweet spot.  We build secure login areas for direct communication with partners and clients.

We combine manufacturing, biotech, advertising, education, health care, finance and other verticals experience, with broad technology platform experience from operating systems, database management, languages, communications, Big Data and Large Language Models (LLMs) and all Internet-related technologies, including web applications servers and platforms. Our staff has built some of the largest sites and systems on the Internet.



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