Expanding Into China

                Businesses which attempt to work in China can face many barriers to entry.  Accordare has provided online services for American businesses in China since 2016, and has worked with companies to create an online presence in China to support interactions with Chinese customers.  From arranging local servers and websites for a faster connection, to understanding and working around various special regulations for foreign businesses, to adding your mobile app to the Huawei and Baidu app stores, Accordare is ready to help you provide services to customers in China.

                Email and text messages are great for communicating with event attendees, but in China WeChat is an important addition to your communications strategy.  It requires significant experience and skill to properly integrate WeChat messaging into an existing text and email messaging system, which Accordare can do to promote your business.

                Accordare can help your business set up a server in China to host your website.  If possible, it’s better for your company to establish a server in China, which can be difficult as there are a number of rules and regulations that have to be followed to create servers, get certificates, and get a domain.  Accordare has the necessary experience of working with local China partners to solve these issues, and can get your business established in the Chinese market.

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