Filter Candidates, Find Gold

Every hiring department and job candidate wants to match their resume to where they will work best, and Accordare’s candidate filtering software can make that happen.  Accordare’s platform allows clients to receive customized forms that can organize candidates as generally or specifically as desired.  Once the data is entered, prospective employers can then see and download lists of candidates organized according to their desired metrics.  Accordare’s data filtering software allows for hiring managers to both choose from a vast set of criteria to apply and to later change those choices to better discover their ideal candidates.

For candidates, our filtering programs allow hiring and admissions agents to see more facets of your life than your test scores.  Your geographic preferences, years worked, education, and languages spoken might make you more attractive and push you over their acceptance threshold.  Accordare’s data analysis also allows candidates to reach more hiring and admissions offices than would otherwise be possible.  By showcasing all your talents, Accordare can make the difference between yet another ‘thanks for applying,’ letter and a success.

Most importantly, Accordare filters candidates by where they actually want to go.  Our robust surveys include whether a given candidate Wants to Meet and is Interested in Applying to a given client.  Unlike other online recruiters, Accordare can sort candidates by their indicated expressed level in your business, greatly streamlining the hiring process.  We’ve matched students with universities, officer candidates with police departments, and social workers with patients, to name but a few of our success stories.  Whether you’re working on an individual level, a small business level, or are a large organization, Accordare can help you find the people you not only need, but also want.

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