What to Expect from the 2019-2020 MBA Application Essays

Many MBA hopefuls who have already narrowed down their target school lists are anxiously awaiting the release of the 2019-2020 MBA application questions and deadlines. While we cannot perfectly predict the future, our 11 years of MBA Admissions Consulting experience and careful analysis of past trends and recent campus announcements can help us to assess […]

How Many Business Schools Should you Apply to?

How Many Business Schools Should You Apply To? It Depends… Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast answer to this question. The best answer is the frustrating “it depends.” What does it depend on? Your stats, work history, the schools you’re trying to get into, and if you can deal with the possibility of being […]

Personal MBA Coach’s Guide to the MBA Resume

All MBA applications require a resume. You may be thinking, “No problem, I already have a resume.” Unfortunately, it is not that easy. A business school resume differs considerably from a professional one as each accomplishes a different goal. A professional resume shows potential employers that you have the specific skills and experiences they are […]

The 2019 Financial Times MBA Rankings and How to Use Them

The Financial Times recently released its 2019 Global MBA Rankings and once again Stanford Graduate School of Business secured the #1 position. Harvard Business School earned the #2 spot, up considerably from its #5 place in 2018. INSEAD was pushed to #3 while Wharton slipped to #4. New to the top 5 this year was […]

Personal MBA Coach’s Abbreviated MBA Kick-Start Plan

Eat healthier. Exercise more. Spend more time with your family.  These may be some of the new year’s resolutions you had in mind. But for those of you hoping to apply to business school in 2019, add MBA application planning to this list. To give you a head start and keep you on track in the new […]

Personal MBA Coach’s Tips for Developing Standout Essays

It should come as no surprise that MBA applications must stand out. Every year, we hear post-mortem from applicants who applied on their own with 750+ GMAT scores, high GPAs and leading employers on their resumes who were rejected from their target schools on their first attempt. There is generally one reason for this – their […]

Make the Most of The MBA Tour: Make a Targeted School List

The MBA Tour presents an incredible opportunity for you, as a prospective MBA student, to gather information, make contacts, and advance yourself in the admissions process. But to make the most of the event, you will need to consider it a targeted mission rather than merely time to explore. Carefully think through your preliminary school list, […]

Make the Most of The MBA Tour: Conduct Thorough Research

At The MBA Tour, you will have the chance to further evaluate the offerings of the schools on your list. But, don’t forget, admissions directors will be assessing you too. Come prepared. Conduct thorough school research, compile a list of questions that will show your knowledge of and enthusiasm for specific programs, and be prepared to […]