Learn how Valtteri Salomaki manages his time as a student at UC Riverside Anderson Graduate School of Management and founder of a startup business.


Q: How did you choose your MBA program? What are your program’s greatest assets?

A: I chose the UCR MBA program because of its location and alignment with my career goals. I am currently building a startup business in the Riverside market and I also aspire to work at ESRI after completing my MBA. The UCR AGSM MBA program’s greatest assets are the close relationships between students and faculty and also the ability for any student to be a leader on campus.

Q: What activities are you involved in outside of class?
A: Outside of class I am involved in various activities such as serving as an AGSM Ambassador. In addition, I am the teaching assistant for the UCR SB/BCOE Consultancy Program, which is a program that connects business students consultants to work with senior design engineering projects aiming to create startup businesses. Lastly, I am the CEO of a UCR MBA Strategy Competition team where a team of six students manage a firm in a simulated strategy game against other MBA programs around the world.
Q: What have been the biggest challenges of pursuing your MBA?
A: My biggest challenge while pursuing my MBA is balancing time between classes and my other responsibilities. I am currently taking 5 classes in a quarter and working on my startup business, so finding free time can be difficult. However, I have very supportive classmates that help me study for exams so that I never feel overwhelmed with my workload.
Q: How did you decide that an MBA was the next step for you?
A: I decided that an MBA was the next step for me because of the career path I want to take. I aspire to work as a market strategist at an innovative technology company and eventually make my way up to an executive role. I wanted an MBA with a specific focus in marketing strategy and information systems to help obtain job roles that align with my ambitious career goals and accelerate opportunities for promotions.
Q: Do you have or plan on having an internship during your MBA experience? How does/will this internship relate to your future career goals?
A: I plan on completing a second internship at ESRI during my MBA program. I want to complete an internship in either data analytics or marketing strategy to allow myself to apply the course knowledge I have learned. This internship relates to my future career goals as I hope to work full­time as a marketing specialist at ESRI after completing my MBA.

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